What to write about Dragan Rusimovic?

Recommendations are something that is rarely read but when it comes to work where work with people it is an obligation of a serious man. Draganče is anything that is not (joke). Truly one of the few people who combined the spirit, the humor, the work that you do. He is the best personal trainer who am I from my perspective as a long-term PhD can be seen. Anyone who works with him was that he was a professional Dragan trains will certainly bring positive energy after a workout (even though the training came to a serious or sad) because the nursery Dragan positive feelings, knows how to listen, to advise, not to hurt the man . My job is working with the maximum seriousness, reads a lot (although it is difficult to learn – again little joke) was informed and what some would say, even though I do not like that look, and. Max is open to cooperation, is worth a friend and both approaches work. In a word Dragan Rusimovic is the best personal trainer I know what i work and clientele proves. Indulge in Dragi i do not worry, you will grow muscles and ears if you want.

Each well of you who practice with him, and my dear friend greetings.

PhD Dragan Matavulj, Singidunum University