"Recommendations are something that is rarely read, but when it comes to work with people, it is the obligation of a serious person. Dragan, is all just not a joke. He is truly one of the few people who has combined spirit, humor, with the work he does. He is the best personal trainer I have seen from my long-term perspective as a Doctor of Science. Anyone who works with him, whether professionally or if Dragan trains him, will certainly not lack positive energy after training (even though he came to training serious or sad), because Dragan is a nursery of positive feelings, he can listen, advise and not hurt a person. He does his job with maximum seriousness, reads a lot (although he learned hard - again a little joke) and is informed about what some would say, even though I don't like that expression, in. He is maximally open for cooperation, he is a hard-working friend and that is how he approaches work. In a word, Dragan Rusimović is the best personal trainer I know, which he proves with his work and clientele. Leave yourself to Dragan and don't worry about anything, your muscles will grow on your ears if you want All the best to you who practice with him."

-Dr. Dragan Matavulj

"Dragan Rusimovic was my coach for almost 5 years. As of beginning, he created a mixed cardio-strength training which he then continuously adapted to fit my exercise goals. Firstly I did more cardio and conditioning with which in 2 months time I lost a significant number of kilograms; afterwards I underwent his weight training program with which shaped muscles (including the ones I didn’t know I had) and boosted strength particularly in muscles that require weight training for increased performance. He turned out to be skilled in making a tailored individual training which he then nuanced as I progressed. What I liked the most is that he taught me how to do exercises technically correctly, for maximal performance and avoidance of injuries. Recently because of my work commitments and busy schedule I had to change gym to another one near my workplace, but I am looking forward to return to Dragan’s training as soon as I get the opportunity."

-Vojin Draskoci

"After training with Dragan three times a week for 8 weeks, I reduced by body fat percentage to 21.5%, nearly 14% lower than my unhealthy starting point of 35%.This would not have been possible this quickly without the program that Dragan set up. I am very proud of what Dragan and I accomplished."

-Rachael Weinzimer

"I started training with Dragan in July 2015 and we trained for a total of two months. During that time, I noticed great progress, and everyone around me noticed it. I tightened my body like never before, gained better fitness and generally felt much better. We trained three times a week and during the whole time of joint training, I ate everything I wanted, but despite that, the change was better. The collaboration with Dragan will remain in my fondest memory. He was always maximally dedicated, in a good mood, interesting and an hour of our joint training would fly by. Unfortunately, due to some obligations, I had to stop training after two months, but we will continue our cooperation very soon, especially as the summer vacation and swimsuit season approaches."

-Ivana Milosavljević

Nikola Kovacevic

"I just want to take a moment and thank Dragan for all support through this journey! 🙌 your genuine effort and care is unbelievable. Workouts with you are extremely motivating, supporting and positive!, I have gained the best shape in my life and I am thrilled with the results I have achieved working with you, which helped me so, so much in my modeling career. Can’t recommend you enough!"

-Nikola Kovacevic (Model and Entrepreneur)

John Kuria

"Dragan’s positive attitude and lack of judgement has helped me become happier and more self-aware. Dragan will challenge you to become the best version of yourself and leave you with confidence that you can do it on your own! If you are reading this and are hesitant; make the leap, Dragan will catch you and in six months you’ll never look back!"

-John Kuria (Businessman)

Shaun Bradley

"I owe a very big thank you to Dragan Rusimovic for having utmost belief in me and being a constant source of inspiration. Excited to see what gains are on the horizon for the next year."

-Shaun Bradley